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direct from the producer


Our hemp plants are sown and grown in row cultivation on our own 110 hectares of certified organic fields. Thanks to this specially developed cultivation technique, the exceptionally nutrient-rich loam soil in the floodplain of Lake Neusiedl and the mild Pannonian climate, the hemp plants can grow healthily, and at the same time sustainably, without the need for fertilizer or irrigation.


The perfect harvest time is determined by regular analysis of the hemp plants. After harvesting, the plants are processed by hand and the drying is slow and careful. The goal is to preserve as many natural ingredients as possible in each processing step.


The dried hemp plants are carefully extracted in a certified special laboratory (ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP, BIOCERT, KOSCHER) using CO2 extraction under strict quality criteria. The CO2 extraction process in turn ensures that the natural ingredients are preserved until the finished hemp extract and that the finished product is free of any solvents.


As a producer and BIO AUSTRIA quality partner, we place major importance on quality assurance throughout the entire production process. In order to ensure our high quality standards, internal test procedures and independent quality controls are carried out regularly. For example, each batch is carefully analyzed to determine the exact cannabinoid, pesticide and other microbiological values.